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Rice Mind, The new choice of all ages.
Rice Mind, Jasmine rice instant cereal drink.
Mind Collagen, pure collagen tripeptides from marine fish.

Why drink
Rice Mind?

Rice Mind is 100% natural and healthy drink derived from Jasmine Rice. No fat and cholesterol and suitable for all ages.

Rice Mind is instant natural drink with full of nutrient, with elps reproductive health, eradicate toxin from body and strengthens immunity

Rice Mind is suitable to everyone at any stage of life start from one month baby. It is also recommended to People with weak health condition, People who have intense physical exercise and People under stress.

Benefit of
Rice Mind

Rice Mind is 100% "Hydrolysis" natural healthy cereal drink made from Thai Jasmine Brown Rice with GMOs free, fat free, lactose free, hypoallergenic and easily absorbed by the body.

Hydrolysis is new useful process for food products. Normally, the macro-molecules are combined and become a big lump. In this process, the compression with heat and pressure makes the lump break into micro-molecules which are easily absorbed and instantly utilized by the body. Rice Mind contains such micro-molecules of plant protein which is safer than animal protein.

Take care your bones by...

Mind Collagen is premium grade food supplement from hydrolyzed marine fish collagen yielded through modern production methods. The answer is great for modern consumers who care and need bone care. Various joints of bones especially those who are at risk for the bone, osteoporosis, movement in the knee joints, jams or friction which may cause fracture of the forearm, hip, wrist, or may face osteoarthritis in the future.

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