Khun Noppachatt Larpwisetkasikij
62 years old
President of Larpwisetkasikij Business Co., Ltd.

“When I used to do real estate and other businesses, my health was not as healthy as I would like to be. I often found myself pestered with illnesses, such as heart problems, high blood pressure, allergies, and sleeplessness and easily fatigued. I was easily succumbed with common cold and my body could not adjust to the changes in my surrounding. My entire body was always overwhelmed with aches and pain. At the end, I was diagnosed with Leukemia. Many people introduced me to food supplements; however, I never had any interests in this area. I later learned that several of my relatives and others who had been afflicted with various ailments used food supplements made from jasmine rice under the name of Rice Mind. I did not have the courage to use it when I was first introduced to it. I took it to physicians and medical analyst to take a look at it and found out that there are no chemicals and no preservatives in it. It is only after this assurance that I begin to use it. I like the aroma and the taste of its natural ingredients. The fact that it is made from Thai rice and that it was manufactured by Thai made it more attractive for me. After I used it for one week, all symptoms that I experienced prior to its use disappeared. I began to sleep better. It was a great relief that I did not have to wake up every hour. Emotionally, I became healthier. I felt my health had improved greatly. I began to see the benefits of Rice Mind. It is a good product, easy to use, convenient, without side effects, and could be use on a continuous and long-term basis.
No one had consumed rice and experience allergic reaction to it. I took it to my friends and relatives. Each had benefited from it after trying. I also took it to monks, novices, and nuns who had fallen ill. They all had benefited from Rice Mind. I saw that this product can benefit many people, and decided to go into this business. I became the first and only distributor of health supplemental drink 100% organic: RICE MIND, in Thailand and the world.”