Mind Collagen (12 cans)

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7,650.00 THB each Weight: 1200 g


Mind Collagen is premium grade food supplement from hydrolyzed marine fish collagen yielded through modern production methods. The answer is great for modern consumers who care and need bone care. Various joints of bones especially those who are at risk for the bone, osteoporosis, movement in the knee joints, jams or friction which may cause fracture of the forearm, hip, wrist, or may face osteoarthritis in the future.

Consistent drinking of Mind Collagen daily will help maintain strong bones as the collagen is absorbed to help build and increase bone mass. Therefore helping to prevent osteoporosis, brittleness and easily broken of bones. Because the body receives sufficient minerals and minerals. In addition, Mind Collagen will help to reduce the symptoms of osteoarthritis, joint movement, as a result, the movement of joints is smoother while alleviating pain and inflammation in various joints at the same time.


Pure Collagen Tripeptide 5,000 mg / 100 g can


Sprinkle 1 spoon of Mind Collagen into water at normal temperature or can be mixed with other beverages. Then stir until mixed well, then drink on an empty stomach.