Mr. Kitti Jampasutta

67 years old
Rice Mind user

“I was afflicted with kidney failure for more than 6 years. I must under go kidney dialysis every week. As the result, my health became poor. Due to my kidney problem, I cannot drink or have liquid in-take in large quantity.
I first saw Rice Mind product at  Hospital three years ago through a sales representative. I decided to buy one can. I mixed it n small amount with warm water before drinking it. The product is highly concentrated. The result was amazing. I can sleep well. My health got better. I did not have any allergies or experienced any side effects. The improvement of my wellbeing can be seen through my face and skin tone. I also continue to use Rice Mind in a larger quantity. I love Rice Mind because it is easy to drink. It can be used as a diet supplement in my other food in-take. I intend to continue to drink Rice Mind in order to preserve my good health.”