Mrs. Phimasorn Siriporn

20 years old 1 & month and 7 days (Baby)
Rice Mind Users

“My mother drinks Rice Mind regularly. She continues to drink it even after she was pregnant. She did not experience any morning sickness during pregnancy, and was in good health throughout her term. While being pregnant, she continued to work. She worked until she gave birth. My mother had an easy birthing and recovered quickly. She enjoyed good health. When the baby was 2 weeks, she began to feed Rice Mind to the baby by mixing it with warm water as a supplement in addition to breast feeding. My mother recalled that when I was a baby, I fell asleep easily and was no cranky when awoke. The baby’s bower movement was also easy because proteins from Rice Mind came directly from plant. It is easily digestible and did not cause bloating or colic. The baby showed better looking skin tone. In addition, the child also shows better emotional and mental development. It reacts positively to its environmental stimuli. It has been observed that the baby has a good mood and in good health. The mother continues to say that she will continue to feed the baby with Rice Mind in order to boost his immunity and assist in his childhood development.”