Mrs. Choy Kunpoon

74 years old.
Rice Mind user

“My mother has diabetes, high blood pressure and high cholesterol. We went to clinic many time, finally we decided to have treatment at Vachira Hospital. Many people who are our relatives, friends and even patients who have stomach age, cancer and heart disease; they are talking Rice Mind. They advice my mom to take Rice Mind at first I didn’t have any idea about Rice Mind. I know that it is very expensive but at the same time I love my mom, I wish that she stay with us for long time. Then, I decided to ask to doctors and nurses about Rice Mind. They said, my mom can take it because it is natural made from Thai Jasmine Brown rice. After one week my mom health got better. Sleep well and better emotional. My mom continually took it still 3 months, everything became well. We reduce our frequency to see doctor and continue to Rice Mind. We always advice to our relatives, friends and patients to take Rice Mind, because it is really beneficial product for heath.”

Phimpaka Plupmim (Daughter)