Mrs. Suvassa Viriya

64 years old
Rice Mind user

“I have bone problem at knee called rheumatoid and high cholesterol. Doctor recommended me to have operation. One day I bought Rice Mind from  Hospital and try it. I love its’ taste because it is rice flavor which is natural after it for a while and went to see the doctor. He said “your bone become stronger”. I believed that my health become well because of Rice Mind.
I take Rice Mind twice a day, in the morning before meal and before bed. Rice Mind is very good product. It is very easy to digest. You have to try then you will know its’ benefit. It is not expensive as we think and every stage of life can take with no side effect. My two grandchildren also take it. (Punpun- Master Panithi Viriya is 4 years old and Pang Pond – Miss Siraya Viriya is 1 year and 4 months). Punpun had problems about asthma and fewer. Grand mom often makes Rice Mind for Punpun during a day. Then Punpun health becomes better.
Both grandchildren have good health, better emotional and mental development. Both babies show better looking skin tone. When I bring my grandchildren to the hospitals for health check, doctors always said in am very well in looking after babies. They’re strong. Therefore, we have to say that Rice Mind is really good product. We take 5-6 cans per month. Health is wealth.”

“Everyone call us Rice Mind Family.”